To the Editor:

Partnership for Change, a community coalition working to reduce youth substance use in northwest Hennepin County, would like to thank Mayor Kathi Hemken and New Hope City Council members for the recent approval of a Social Host Ordinance in the City of New Hope. Partnership for Change would also like to thank the New Hope Police Department for working with us on underage drinking prevention efforts.

A Social Host Ordinance makes it unlawful for an individual, regardless of age, to provide an environment (or place) where underage drinking occurs, regardless of who provided the alcohol. Passage of this ordinance in New Hope provides support to the majority of parents and young people in our community who do not engage in or enable underage drinking.

At the same time, it sends a clear message of accountability to those who might consider hosting underage drinkers. Underage drinking risks the health and lives of youth and enabling it is unacceptable.

It is clear that the city of New Hope expects its adult residents to support youth activities that are safe, healthy and legal. Ultimately, it is an expression of the value we place on supporting the development of each young person to his or her full potential. John Jones

Brenda Badger


Badger is North Memorial Hospital’s member on the Partnership for Change steering committee.

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