The search for a new Brooklyn Center police chief is finally over, with former commander Tim Gannon taking the reins as the new head of the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

Gannon, who was selected by City Manager Curt Boganey, acted as the interim chief of police after the retirement of Kevin Benner in early August. After the city deliberated on a number of internal and external candidates, the decision was made to promote Gannon, a 21-year veteran of the BCPD.

“I’m very excited about the move,” said Gannon. “I’ve been with the department since 1994, and I’ve had good experience in all the different areas and divisions that I’ve worked at. So I really feel well-prepared for this position, and we’re really going to hit the ground running. Having been involved in the department as long as I have, I know the inner workings of it, and I do want to put my own handprint on the agency moving forward.”

Gannon first entered civilian law enforcement after serving in the First Gulf War in the early 1990s as a U.S. marine. Following the completion of his college education at Mankato State University, Gannon joined the BCPD in August 1994. He spent his first nine years as a patrol officer, after which he was promoted to patrol sergeant. A year later, Gannon was promoted to commander, and he served in all of the department’s divisions.

Gannon acknowledged that he had big shoes to fill, and he mentioned that one of his goals as the new chief is to continue Benner’s work with city youth and multicultural outreach.

“I’m still formulating all of that and all of the direct goals and expectations of the police department,” said Gannon. “But I do want to continue to focus on the youth. I think that is a key indicator of how the city’s going to grow. I am very much involved in the multicultural outreach and embracing the diversity that’s in Brooklyn Center.”

In particular, Gannon noted that his work with the multi-city Joint Community Police Partnership initiative “branded” him in a way.

“It showed me that this is a way that we can really embrace the community as a whole because of our diversity, so I really want to continue all those efforts with our community outreach,” he said.

Additionally, Gannon hopes to improve the department’s relationship with the community by increasing the BCPD’s operational transparency.

“(I want to make) sure that our agency is taken to the level of transparency that we’ve been working towards but we may not have seen,” said Gannon. “You want a police department that’s not only responsive to the needs of the people, but to also be transparent as far as what we’re doing (and) why we’re doing it.”

Currently, Gannon is in the process of filling two commander positions in the department: the one previously held by him, and one vacated by Brian Peters, who left the BCPD last month. Other than that, Gannon said to not expect any major restructuring of the department.

“I’m looking at keeping and maintaining the same structure that we’ve had under the previous two chiefs,” said Gannon.

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