Included in the department’s reports for May 12 to 18 were these incidents:

May 12- Traffic hit-and-run on the 6800 block of Wayzata Boulevard.

- Traffic crash with personal injury near the intersection of Glenwood Avenue.

- Theft on the 5700 block of Duluth Street.

May 13- Assistance to another agency near the intersection of Winnetka Avenue North and Golden Valley Road.

- Theft on the 5700 block of Duluth Street.

May 14- Miscellaneous officer discharge of a firearm near the intersection of Plymouth and Boone avenues north.

May 15- Check forgery on the 8200 block of Golden Valley Road.

- Fourth-degree criminal damage to property on the 7900 block of Wayzata Boulevard.

- First-degree burglary on the 1400 block of Spring Valley Road.

May 17- Theft on the 2500 block of Winnetka Avenue North.

- Possession of a small amount of marijuana on the 6000 block of Duluth Street.

- Theft on the 5700 block of Duluth Street.

May 18- Possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle near the intersection of Parkview Boulevard and 26th Avenue North.

- Use of a stolen card on the 700 block of Xenia Avenue South.

- Fifth-degree possession of methamphetamine near the intersection of Turners Crossroad South and Wayzata Boulevard.

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