The Robbinsdale Area School Board recently conducted its annual evaluation of Superintendent Carlton Jenkins and provided a summary at a July 23 meeting.

Supt. Carlton Jenkins

Supt. Carlton Jenkins

Jenkins was hired in August 2015 and “was intentionally brought on for his skills as an agent of change, with the board confident in his abilities to implement” the unified district vision, created and adopted in March 2014 to provide “a road map of change for our district,” explained Chair John Vento.

“Overall, board members are pleased with Dr. Jenkins and the continued work he is doing,” Vento said, noting the board and superintendent’s efforts in passing the last referendum and his commitment to the unified district vision.

The performance and evaluation has three sections – leadership and management; goals of the unified district vision and strategic priorities; and a summary and recommendations.

The leadership and management portion has three parts – overall leadership, overall management, and board relations. The possible ratings are “exemplary,” “accomplished” and “development/growth required.”

Jenkins’ scores for overall leadership and overall management were rated as “accomplished” while his scores for board relationships were “exemplary” with some categories listed as “accomplished.”

Goals of the unified district vision and strategic priorities have six categories – kindergarten readiness, third-grade proficiency, high school graduation rates, teaching the standards, central office capacity and middle school transition.

The ratings are “accomplished,” “progress shown,” “no progress” and “plan in place.”

For the 2018-19 school year, Jenkins showed progress in teaching the standards, central office capacity and middle school transition while his scores for kindergarten readiness and third-grade proficiency remained flat.

Vento also noted high school graduation rates increased for the fourth consecutive year.

“The board and superintendent agreed that significant investment will be made to kindergarten readiness and third-grade proficiency,” Vento said, adding that those are strategic priorities that will affect the achievement gap and can have statewide implications.

Finally, as part of the summary and recommendations, board members provided individual comments, commendations and recommendations.

“Dr. Jenkins’ administration continues to be committed to improving these initiatives,” Vento said of key initiatives during the previous administration, which were alternatives to suspension, restorative practices and academic de-tracking.

“The best practices recommendations made by Baker Tilly related to budgetary realignment, communication and personnel changes and will continue to present challenges as we enter the (2019-20) school year,” Vento said.

Vento also noted that Jenkins’ administration has made “significant” revisions to the district handbook and discipline policy, some of which were in response to a Minnesota Department of Human Rights report as well as to align with the unified district vision regarding discipline.

“In addition with Dr. Jenkins, administration created the equity policy, which was adopted last summer ... which takes us closer to equitable treatment of all students in our district,” Vento said. “The lens of this policy is now used as our guide in writing policies, curriculum, discipline procedures and the student handbook.

“As we move forward, we support the continued work to redesign our district with the goal to increase student achievement and close the achievement gap through focusing again on staff development, Safe and Civil Schools and positive relation-building amongst our staff and students.”

Jenkins thanked the board and said he’s excited about this upcoming year.

He said, “I’m going to be working diligently to make sure that we’re increasing our outcomes, increasing the way that we communicate and just bridge with our entire community, and welcome an opportunity to speak with our community about it.”

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