The Robbinsdale Police Department arrested two males while making routine snow emergency compliance checks Nov. 27.

An officer was ticketing vehicles in violation of snow emergency rules at approximately 2 a.m. Wednesday, when he noticed a set of footprints on the roadway on the 3700 block of Zenith Avenue North. The footprints led into several driveways in which vehicles had snow recently brushed from their windows. Farther along, the trail separated into two separate sets of footprints.

Two officers arrived to assist the first officer and the group continued to track the prints for half an hour. A snowblower was located in the middle of the street along 40th Avenue, between Zenith and Abbott avenues.

An officer in a darked squad car located the suspected parties walking into a driveway and brushing snow off of a car. The pair wore dark clothing and carried backpacks, a cooler case with tools, cell phone chargers, a car stereo and other items.

The officer turned the vehicle’s floodlights on, confronted them and learned they had been to several garages and vehicles. The males were arrested and send to the Hennepin County Detention Center.

The department has asked that anyone who believes they were affected by the thefts file a police report.

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