Research conducted by Xcel Energy found that the majority of gas and electricity in Golden Valley is used by commercial and industrial consumers.

Xcel Energy has announced a series of environmentally conscious goals for its utility users in Golden Valley, according to a plan created by the business and a group of stakeholders. The group was formed via Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy community collaboration program.

The Golden Valley City Council agreed to participate in the program in 2020. The plan includes a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the city by 30% for the next 10 years, which amounts to 65,000 tons of gases.

The business will also identify households that experience high or severe energy cost burdens and work with them to potentially reduce use through services or the introduction of energy savings programs. According to the plan, one in five Golden Valley homes are considered near or beyond the high energy-burden benchmark. Outreach for energy efficiency programs will also begin, beginning with the oldest homes in the city.

Research for the plan also found that commercial and industrial connections overshadow energy use in the city, despite being few in number. The plan found that these connections account for less than 10% of all premises in Golden Valley, but use 76% of all electricity and 58% of all natural gas.

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