Voters in the Tuesday, Aug. 11, Primary Election will narrow the field of seven candidates for Brooklyn Center City Council down to four. Those four candidates will advance to be on the ballot for the Nov. 3 General Election.

Two winners in the General Election will fill the seats currently held by Marquita Butler and Kris Lawrence-Anderson, who are both seeking re-election.

Absentee voting has already opened for the Aug. 11 election and all eligible voters in the county can vote early by absentee either in-person or by mail. For more information, go to, email or call 612-348-5151, or visit

Each candidate that filed was asked to provide a photo, biographical information, and answer two questions. Leng Xiong did not submit his answers before the Sun Post’s press time, and Christine Suste declined to submit a photo with her answers.

Answers were edited for length and clarity.

Name: Alfreda Daniels

Address: 3413 53rd Ave N, #105

Age: 29

Family: No answer

Education: BSC International Relations, Political Science

Years lived in city: 2

Community Involvement: 12 year community organizer, co-founder of Black Immigrant Collective, Northwest Suburbs Community and Labor coalition, Brooklyn Center Planning Commission member, Board Member of African Career Education Resource Inc.

Contact Info: or 612-399-6397

Why are you seeking election to the Brooklyn Center City Council?

Brooklyn Center is home to me now and I want to serve my neighbors and my city.

What do you consider the top issues that the city should address?

Civic Engagements: Intentional community engagement allows every voice to be heard and every decision taken should be people centered.

Economic Growth: Brooklyn Center is a vibrant growing city. We will work to bring investments that bring equitable economic growth to our city. As a union member and leader, I will support: community benefit agreements with new developments that center the needs and input of Brooklyn Center residents, Work to bring in businesses and employers that livable wage, and partnerships that prepare young people to the workforce.

Housing: Brooklyn Center must make sure that everyone has access to housing they can afford both as renters and homeowners. I will support diverse income housing that will give people options. I will also support pathways to home ownership programs for first time home buyers.

Safety: As the country reckons with police brutality and a re-imagining of community safety, Brooklyn Center must also confront these issues and chart a new way forward. I will support investment in parks & recreation centers and community organizations that offer programs that caters to issues that are often criminalized.

Name: Sizi G. Goyah

Address: 6936 Unity Ave. N.

Age: 47

Family: Married with kids

Education: Graduate education in mathematics and education

Occupation: Math teacher

Years lived in city: Combined 5 years

Community involvement: Teaching at Brooklyn Center Secondary; Board of Directors of the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota; Planning Commissioner

Contact information:, 763-496-5533

Why are you seeking election to the Brooklyn Center City Council?

As an immigrant parent, community advocate, and tenured math teacher in the only high school in the city, I feel compelled to run for a seat on the City Council because of the opportunities for growth that I see in my city. Brooklyn Center as a first ring suburb with one of the most diverse populations in the nation, should be a testimony to the power of diversity and its associated benefits. Brooklyn Center should a be hub of business and a stronghold of jobs but instead, it has become a graveyard of businesses and an economic wasteland. The genius and ingenuity that accompany diversity has not been unleashed for the benefit of the city because decisions are made without the involvement of the majority of our citizens.

I believe that municipalities have to make deliberate efforts to invest, financially and morally, in communities as a way improving our cities and making everyone feel welcome and needed.

What do you consider the top issues that the city council should address?

Bringing businesses and jobs to the city, empowering and encouraging the creation of small businesses, housing, property taxes, investing in communities, creating partnerships with school districts serving our city to address the gaps in opportunities and education, and climate change.

Name: Kris Lawrence-Anderson

Address: 5213 Eleanor Lane

Age: 57

Family: Husband, Gary and two children- Kirk and Halley

Education: Associate’s degree

Occupation: City Council member and community volunteer

Years lived in city: 33

Community involvement: Brooklyn Center’s Housing and Charter Commissions; former Board member at Odyssey Academy; Ambassador for Life Source for 8 years; Neighborhood Watch Captain since 2002.

Contact info: 612-801-0770;

Why are you seeking election to the Brooklyn Center City Council?

During this difficult time, it’s critical to have solid, experienced leadership. I pride myself in being open minded- I listen to the facts and make rational common sense decisions. My only “agenda” is what is best for our Brooklyn Center community.

What do you consider the top issues that the city council should address?

Effective and inclusive community engagement; redevelopment-proper redevelopment of the Opportunity site is critical as it will determine the future of our city and define who we are; code enforcement at both residential and commercial properties. I am a leader with experience which is vital in these uncertain times, and I ask for your vote in the Primary on August 11. Thank you.

Name: Christine Suste

Address: 6319 France Ave N,

Age: 39

Family: Married with 5 children

Education: High school graduate

Occupation: Restaurant manager/server

Years lived in city: 25+

Community involvement: The most rewarding community involvement for me is working with teens and young adults. This is where our future starts, so why not invest in that.

Contact information: or 763-202-6843

Why are you seeking election to the Brooklyn Center City Council?

I am pushing for unity in our community. I am looking for people to work together with me to be a voice for everyone in our city.

What do you consider the top issues that the city council should address?

I believe we need to have more training for our police officers, but at the same time, I do not support defunding them. I would like to see a lot of community involvement from the police to help cultivate unity in our community. I have heard the community speak up on wanting more businesses in the city. I would love to address that as well as really advertise and promote the small businesses in our community. I would love to get the business owners involved in the community as well. If we help advertise for them they could volunteer or donate resources to help our community. Times are changing and we have great opportunities to think outside the box on how we can build our city. Let’s use the resources that we have in place. I want our city to be a place people are proud to live in. I want our city to help it’s citizens when they need it, and understand that helping someone when they are down will uplift all of us as a whole. I cannot do this alone – I need your help!

Name: Marquita Butler

Address: 3701 54th Ave. N.

Age: 36

Family: Aurelius II and Aurelius III

Education: B.A. Communication Studies and M.A. Cultural and Educational Policy Studies

Occupation: Girls Inc. Program Director at YWCA Minneapolis

Years lived in city: 25 years

Community involvement: Currently serving on the City Council, Financial Commission, and the Brooklyn Bridge Alliance.

Contact information:, and IG @VoteButlerBCcitycouncil, 612-440-5316

Why are you seeking election to the Brooklyn Center City Council?

I am committed to community and dedicated to progress. If re-elected I want to provide a business friendly community, where we can attract more sit down restaurants and amenities and increase job options that provide livable wages. I want to create an environmentally sustainable city, clean up the liter, and improve our neighborhoods by eliminating vacant lots and turning them into more useful space for the community. Promoting home ownership, through down payment assistance programs and first time home buyer sessions. Increase our housing stock by providing a range of affordable housing to luxury housing. I will continue to amplify community voice, encouraging active and creative community engagement.

What do you consider the top issues the council should address?

Moving forward as we continue to feel the impact of COVID, considering budget and development. We have to address the liter, especially around our commercial areas. Small business support. We need to ensure we have adequate housing as well as looking forward to what will be needed in the future. Lastly working with our police chief on reform that makes sense for Brooklyn Center. Every system has room for improvement. We need to evaluate where our opportunities for improvement are and create policies in partnership with the chief to improve our department.

Name: Faisal Dahdal

Address: 6218 N. Camden Ave.

Age: 44

Family: Divorced father of four

Education: Bachelor’s in business management (Colorado State University).

Occupation: CEO at Smart Stop Brokers, owner of BP in Brooklyn Center.

Years lived in city: 4 years

Community Involvement: Volunteered at my children’s school for four years. School board for Meadow Lake Elementary as vice president.

Contact information: 952-220-0055,

Why are you seeking election to Brooklyn Center City Council?

I’m running for election to create a more unified Brooklyn Center. There is a growing divide in America and Brooklyn Center doesn’t have to be part of it. I love this city. I’ve lived, worked and volunteered here for 20 years. My kids attend schools here. I want to give back to this great city, what it gave to me.

What do you consider the top issues the council should address?

There are three issues that I think are very important to Brooklyn Center residents and to help continue the progress of improving our city.

1) Resolve the housing crisis.

2) Being a small business owner for the last 20 years, I believe that I can help build a bridge between local government and local business owners.

3) Improve policing in the community and introduce new reform to make sure that neither police are over burdened with responsibilities nor residents fear and stress of calling the police.

As a small business owner, I want to improve business/government relations. That would mean better communication of new policies, and making it easier for people with limited access to public transportation to get to work. Lastly, I want to work on better police training and more social workers in the police department specifically.

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