Robbinsdale artist selected for Roseville in Bloom

Lili Payne’s Roseville in Bloom statue “Rosewood.”

Artist Lili Payne’s work will appear in a public corridor of Roseville from July through Halloween. Payne, of Robbinsdale, designed one of 20 large rose statues for public art exhibition Roseville in Bloom.

The art campaign, organized by tourist organization Visit Roseville, was created to replicate the popularity of other public art projects like Peanuts on Parade in St. Paul. The rose statues were built with the same company that constructed the Peanuts statues, TivoliToo.

Artists were given $2,000 to help cover the cost of materials and execution of the project. The statues are fiberglass, nearly 7 feet tall, the circumference of each rose blossom is 100 inches and the total weight of the statue is 658 pounds.

Payne’s rose will be on view near the Country Inn and Suites. She said it is called “Rosewood” for its faux wood grain pattern she painted on the surface.

“I wanted to showcase the skills of theatrical scenic artists, the people who paint the scenery for theatrical productions and are frequently called upon to recreate surfaces, like wood, using paint,” Payne said. “I spent years as a scenic artist at many of the professional theatres in town and I like to highlight those specialized artistic skills when I can.”

Payne is a native of Morris. She is a muralist and veteran of the professional theater community of Minneapolis. She recently completed the blue Robbinsdale mural on the Welna Ace Hardware building. Her work has been featured in such institutions as Minnesota’s Bell Museum, Macy’s Special Events, 2017 feature film “Wilson,” and on public and private walls around Minnesota. Her website is

When the project launched last fall, local artists Adam Turman and Christopher Straub signed on to be signature artists for the project. Turman’s rose will be displayed at Central Park, with a theme showing the many fun activities that take place at the park. Straub’s rose will be displayed at Rosedale Center, with a theme of various fashion illustrations that highlight his work as a fashion designer and artist.

The other artists include Shakun Maheshwari, Kao Lee Thao, Aimee Fierke, Cora Hays, Kristi Abbott, Bailey Quam, Kimberly McCracken, Donna Post, Wendy McCarty, Daniela Bianchini, Erin Ward, Jill Gleich, Thomas Toebe, Jim Defeo, and Lydia Anderson.Visit Roseville is planning a series of free public activities to celebrate the rose displays. To maintain proper social distancing, some events will be virtual.


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