Brooklyn Park City Clerk Devin Montero swears in Brooklyn Park’s new mayor, Lisa Jacobson, in the Brooklyn Park City Council Chambers Aug. 30. Jacobson, who has served on the City Council since 2017, will finish former Mayor Jeff Lunde’s term, which runs through Dec. 31, 2022.


Brooklyn Park Mayor Lisa Jacobson delivers her first speech as mayor after she was sworn in Aug. 30. Jacobson defeated Hollies Winston in the special election for the mayor’s seat by the razor-thin margin of two votes. “My dad is here — he flew up from Florida on Saturday for the second time, because we had to do a recount,” she said. “It really was a journey. Many of my friends who got up here and spoke actually drove Liberian elders to vote. Think about if they had not done that, I would not be standing here right now.”


The Brooklyn Park City Council Chambers was standing-room-only as Lisa Jacobson took the oath of office Aug. 30. On election night, Jacobson had a one-vote lead over opponent Hollies Winston. That lead was extended to two votes in a recount. 


Party-goers celebrating Lisa Jacobson’s mayoral victory ate cake and drank punch in the Community Activity Center Aug. 30. Her move to the mayor’s seat will trigger a special election for her east district council seat. The timeline for that election is yet to be determined.


Bishop Harding Smith, of the Spiritual Church of God, delivers a prayer for new Mayor Lisa Jacobson, while former mayor and current Hennepin County Board of Commissioner Jeff Lunde stands in the background. “It’s not an easy job coming out of COVID,” he said. 


Former Brooklyn Park Mayor Jeff Lunde congratulates newly-minted Mayor Lisa Jacobson on her win. Lunde resigned from his post as mayor following his 2020 election to the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners, triggering a special election. “I think I can say this and everybody will believe me now – does every vote count?” he said. “Lisa is now my new story about why every vote counts, because it does, it matters.”


Consulate General of the Republic of Liberia in Minnesota Jackson George Jr. speaks on his relationship with the Brooklyn Park Mayor Lisa Jacobson. Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center have significant populations of Liberian residents. “I met Lisa – I think she was the first citizens of Brooklyn Park I met the first time I came here – so now it’s been, what, about 30 years?” he said. “We have a good relationship with the city of Brooklyn Park and we hope to keep it that way, so I want to say congratulations.”

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