To the Editor:

Along with many others, I am writing-in Audrey Britton for Three Rivers Park Commissioner, District 1. She promises to make our parks environmentally friendly, accessible and welcoming places for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

I have known both Audrey and the current commissioner for many years. While I appreciate the current commissioner stepping into the vacated parks seat for the past year and her two years as a city council member, I feel Audrey is much better qualified.

Audrey has a lifetime of volunteer and public service experience. In her 20 years in Plymouth, she’s always been giving back.

Visit her website ( and you will see a lengthy list of volunteer activity including being a downhill ski and sit-ski instructor in our parks, city athletics assistant coach, chair of a children’s ministries and education board, mentoring emotionally distressed children, to callout just a few.

Audrey’s professional and public policy experience will also serve us well. She has worked on dozens of bills meeting with state and congressional elected officials. She’s also managed large budgets with a history of getting better results while spending less.

Our environment is very important to me. Audrey has been a member and supporter of several organizations like Clean Water Action and Conservation Minnesota.

This also caught my attention: apparently people have reported feeling being treated poorly at park board meetings. Audrey often says, “Elected officials are servants of the people, not the other way around.” I know firsthand that she listens.

Audrey jumped into the race when she noted the current appointee was running unopposed. Public officials being appointed gives them a huge advantage to then run for election. This is happening too often. The people continue to have no choice in the matter. Now they do. I encourage everyone to visit her website and vote for her.

Terrie Christian


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