To the Editor:

I’m currently a resident of Brooklyn Park. I also sit on the Brooklyn Park Budget Advisory Commission.

I volunteer with a local youth program. One of the goals of that program has been to introduce youth to how our local government works. We’ve found that many youth are disengaged as to the fundamentals of how their own government works. They’re especially disengaged regarding their local government. I invited Senator John Hoffman to speak to these youth about our government and he was more than happy to do so and took the time to field many of their questions. Most importantly, he made civic engagement, well, engaging.

Truly, youth are this state’s future and for them to take up the mantle as we grow older, they need to 1) understand how their own government works and 2) be well educated. On a very personal level John worked with these youth to engage them civically. He’s also shown his commitment to education with his current stances on school funding, and his past leadership as vice chair on the Anoka-Hennepin School District Board. At both a policy and personal level he’s consistent and accessible. That’s rare.

Often when we look to our leaders we want to hold them accountable to some imaginary list of criteria usually created by some outside organization. There’s a better test: look for the leader who cares about the details, because in politics those details happen to be people, their lives, their loved ones and their well-being. If they pass that test, they’ll consistently make the right decision when it comes to making decisions for us all. Senator Hoffman passes that test and has been doing so for quite some time.

Hollies Winston

Brooklyn Park

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