To the Editor:

Join me in supporting Steve Schmidgall for mayor of Golden Valley! As a former city council member, I had the opportunity to work alongside Steve while we both served on the council. Steve is effective in collaborating with members of the council, city staff, and residents of Golden Valley to deliver the services and amenities that Golden Valley residents enjoy, while also working to keep tax increases low.

Steve is also passionate about strategic development to provide a variety of housing choices, accommodate expected population growth, fuel Golden Valley’s economy, and provide jobs and a robust tax base. Steve understands smart development that helps grow Golden Valley, while preserving neighborhood charm and community structure.

Steve is committed to maintaining and enhancing Golden Valley’s infrastructure and worked particularly hard and effectively on the new Brookview Community Center and the new Douglas Drive corridor.

Steve played an active role in Golden Valley’s recent financial successes, holding taxes level and scheduling timely payoff of bonding for the pavement management plan and the Brookview Community Center.

Steve Schmidgall will always put the residents of Golden Valley first. He will continue to provide proven leadership and make decisions after carefully listening and considering the input and concerns of all involved and affected. As mayor, Steve will focus on city issues. He has an understanding of the issues at hand and what role the mayor and council play.

Steve will lead Golden Valley’s government back to the business of governing the city. Remember to vote on Nov. 5 and vote for Steve Schmidgall.

Andy Snope

Golden Valley

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