To the Editor:

The proposal to narrow the field to four licensed waste haulers in Golden Valley is one that seems to reduce competition, but competition can only help maintain lower costs and probably incentivize businesses to work harder on our behalf. Don’t buy into the concept that the streets will be less congested by this business limitation of only four haulers, because also changing to one service day city-wide instead of spreading it out will not change much in the way of truck visibility.

Aspen Waste continues to offer great hauling services and options as well as effective customer service from their local office. I hope they remain an option for me along with MORE than four other carriers, because I have a gut feeling prices will surge and the options will be less convenient if the contracts are rationed to four licensed waste management businesses in the near future.

Let your opinion be known. I reached out to Aspen Waste and they had no idea this discussion was taking place.

Tom Beagan

Golden Valley

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