To the Editor:

I am asking you to re-elect Helen Bassett and Sherry Tyrrell to the Robbinsdale School Board. After teaching in public schools for 40 years, I recognize school board members that show genuine concern for students and their success as learners. My conversations with Helen and Sherry over the years have shown me that they both know how to create and support conditions to bring great results in the classroom for all students. They also care about the valuable role community education classes play in the lives of community members, supporting programming for adults, seniors and youth alike.

Experienced leadership is crucial as school board members meet the challenge of providing needed services to all students, both in schools and virtually; supporting change based on research and deep understanding of long-term effects of educational policies; supporting teachers in unprecedented situations; and continuing responsible management and oversight of district finances while responding to recommendations to improve the financial health of the district. The pandemic that has disrupted schools has also created urgency for innovation and changes to benefit learners. Helen Bassett and Sherry Tyrrell, along with other current board members, adopted the Distance Learning PLUS model that is currently being implemented, providing more (and better) support for students.

We are a very diverse district and these two, experienced leaders have pushed for change where needed and asked the tough questions, while supporting programs that are getting excellent results, using sound data to inform their decisions. Their commitment to all learners, their clear vision of our district’s mission and their determination to fulfill it are why they deserve to continue to serve on the Robbinsdale School Board.

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