To the editor:

Brooklyn Center’s neighbor, Brooklyn Park, is the sixth largest city by population in the state of Minnesota and their mayor does not have an assistant.

By contrast, Brooklyn Center does not even appear on the list of the top 30 cities in Minnesota.

The government of Brooklyn Center, like Brooklyn Park, is a weak mayor system, which means the city manager is the person running the city and doing all the heavy lifting regarding the day-to-day work that is involved. The position of Brooklyn Center Mayor is a part-time job that does not have a workload any more demanding than that of the rest of the city council, except for possibly a couple more photo ops and meetings that do not require an assistant.

The current mayor of Brooklyn Center might want to reconsider his demands for an assistant when many of his constituents are bravely juggling two and three jobs, parenting, daycare issues and remote learning in the age of COVID all without the benefit of an assistant.

If the current mayor does not have the ability or capacity to effectively serve in a part-time job without forcing taxpayers to hire him a helper, maybe he’s not a good fit for the job. He is free to tender his resignation at any time and the city of Brooklyn Center can vote in a new mayor that is more qualified and willing to work a part time job without wasting hard-earned taxpayer dollars on an unncessary assistant.

Jeanette Arnevik

Brooklyn Center

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