To the Editor:

I am a 16-year-old resident of Golden Valley, and I am concerned about the traffic light at the intersection of Rhode Island Avenue and Highway 55, in particular the light for turning left from Highway 55 to Rhode Island Avenue.

This light goes through a normal cycle of red, a very short green and yellow, and red again. Unlike many similar lights, this traffic light doesn’t turn to a flashing yellow when the main light is green to allow drivers to turn when no one is coming from the east, which does happen. You can see quite a good distance from this light to the east, so there is no problem with visibility.

Other lights along Highway 55 do have flashing yellow lights, like the lights just east and west of the one in question, including onto Glenwood Avenue. So I would like to see, in the future, a flashing yellow light installed for the turn light on this intersection so residents will no longer need to wait unnecessarily for the light to turn green.

Thank you for your time.

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