To the Editor:

I just received my copy of the Sun Sailor, and was glad to see a long article about the town hall with Sen. Ron Latz, Rep. Ryan Winkler and Rep. Cheryl Youakim held on Jan 8. I was there, and found the meeting quite informative. While your article covered several of the areas of discussion at the meeting, it totally ignored the subject brought up most frequently!

Of all the questions asked or comments made by constituents, over half were about nonpartisan redistricting or other fair voting issues. Many in the room were from organized groups trying to ensure that the next redistricting is done by a citizens nonpartisan commission instead of by the politicians in power (of whichever party). And whether from these groups or not, almost everyone in the room seemed to agree that partisan redistricting is detrimental to our democracy.

The legislators there all seemed to agree on the importance of this issue and had different takes on how likely a bill establishing a nonpartisan redistricting commission was to pass in the Senate.

With the census being conducted this year, and redistricting happening next year, we have little time to make sure no party has the ability to gerrymander our districts. We must be sure this issue is not ignored but stays at the top of the Legislature’s priority list.

Michael Schwartz

St. Louis Park

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