Editor’s note: This letter is in reference to George Larson’s letter to the editor in the Dec. 26 edition of the Sun Post.

To the editor:

Mr. Larson, I said total immigration should be no more than 200,000 per year, close to the old average; ergo no immigration problems.

He uses “students” in the attempt to stigmatize any contrary position; they are being manipulated and abused. Larson’s view is if you question his view you must be a bad person.

Don’t blame the students, blame our governors––and our school authorities.

He also takes a phrase I used to describe illegal aliens and tries to make the reader think I was speaking about lawful immigration. A teacher grading his essay would mark that down.

Recently, local refugees were mentioned, but no mention of their costs. The Center for Immigration Studies said that refugees from the Middle East cost taxpayers in their first 5 years $64,370 for each refugee. Locally, it would be similar.

This helps explain why Brooklyn Center has deteriorated: poverty abounds; it’s ranked at or near the bottom in the state in many categories; its once best-in-state schools are among the worst in the state.

The #1 thing to ask is what is a U.S. sustainable population and what is immigration’s role in achieving it? Crowding, ecosystems failing, contributions to global warming––all immigration’s negative consequences Larson cannot see. Is U.S. overpopulation taught in our schools?

What are the social and cultural implications? A nation divided cannot stand; he advocates for disharmony.

Immigration is only population growth; it makes the U.S. economy larger, but while wrecking the environment is not a per capita benefit.

• Fiscally, it is a disaster––huge taxpayer costs.

• The last 13 years all of the employment gains have gone to immigrant workers. (CIS, May 17, 2013).

• Disadvantaged Americans, often Black, are most harmed by immigration. (Jordan Commission, 1994.)

• In 2017, FAIR found illegal aliens cost $116 billion. Minnesota’s share was $734.8 million, $431.4 million in costs for education. Money meant for American kids.

Things don’t seem right with immigration explains why Amy Klobuchar, Tina Smith, Dean Philips, and Ilhan Omar correctly earned the F- grade on immigration.

Dell Erickson

Brooklyn Center

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