To the Editor:

A zoning change is being considered in Golden Valley – a zoning change for the Optum Health property on Highway 55 and Douglas Drive, across from the Public Storage building. The proposed zoning change would be from “office use” to “light industrial use” (A warehouse on the property is under consideration).

A medium density residential zoning, with conditional uses, would be a more desirable zone change for that property.

This is an extremely large area of land that could hold multiple housing structures. Right now, there is almost no affordable housing available to buy in Golden Valley. As we read and talk about the importance of homeownership as a tool in building family wealth, this area could provide an opportunity. A variety of types of buildings are available: four-, six- or eight-plexes could be built with each dwelling for private ownership. For examplem a building like Calvary on 7600 Golden Valley Road, where many of the apartments are individually owned.

What I propose is a development that would target younger people just starting out. There could also be a mid-sized rental apartment building. There are many ways to envision this development. An important advantage of this location is the public transportation on Douglas Drive. Also, such a residential development would support the need for, and benefit from, the proposed Rapid Transit Bus Line along Highway 55.

On this large property there is room for some retail that could be included in one of the larger buildings, maybe a small convenience store. There is room for a playground for kids in this new community. This development would have to include both affordable homes as well as market-rate homes to make it economically feasible for developers.

Please: Residents of Golden Valley – contact your Golden Valley City Council members as soon as possible and say you are in favor of zoning this property as “Medium Density RESIDENTIAL with conditional uses.” It will be considered on an upcoming agenda.

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