To the Editor:

It is now known that Exxon actively lied about the effects of burning fossil fuels. This is akin to the revelations about the tobacco companies back in the 1980s and 1990s: That they not only knew tobacco was extremely addictive, caused several diseases and led to millions of deaths, they had actually performed research to confirm it all and then hid it.

Where we are right now with Big Oil is the same point. They knew how harmful fossil fuel production and consumption were, they knew that climate change was man-made from their products, they knew that particulates from vehicle exhaust cause disease and death. We stand at the same moment, when an industry is totally exposed, yet our government, world governments stand idly by, cowed into submission by the outrageous power wielded by Big Oil.

I am in 100% support of attorney Ellison’s lawsuit against Big Oil. It is high time these companies, which cause death and destruction are finally held accountable. It will be a long battle, as it was with Big Tobacco, but in the end, justice will prevail as it did then.

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