To the Editor:

My wife and I are longtime residents of Golden Valley and raised our two now adult children here. We intend to stay in our house as long as we can, and now have our grandkids and granddogs over as often as possible.

We got to know Shep Harris during the debate over house teardowns and subdividing residential lots. During that debate–and ongoing–we have seen that Shep puts a high priority on the concerns and welfare of Golden Valley residents and defends those interests. He does so in a fair-minded way, and shows respect for both sides of any issue.

During that same timeframe, it has seemed to us that his opponent does the opposite – giving a high priority to the interests of the developers instead of residents.

For these reasons, my wife and I will be supporting Shep for mayor (yes, I did get the OK from my wife to include her in this!)

Paul Daniel Schneck

Golden Valley

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