To the Editor:

I’m sure I do not know all the facts, but my knee-jerk reaction to the city of Golden Valley’s proposal to create more bike lanes is a waste of resources, time and money.

The rarely used bike lanes on Winnetka remain an uneducated decision; hardly used that created vehicle congestion with the old two lanes each way reduced to one. That remains one of the most idiotic development choices. We do not need more lane restriction like that creating more congestion, especially on side roads like Olympia and Golden Valley Road, etc.

If the bicyclists would be cognitive of their surroundings as a licensed driver is supposed to be, both should be able to live together on our streets without tax dollars being spent for realigning street use space and painting more parallel lines on our local roads. My observation is that, with the exception of the Hennepin County bike trail (which is terrific), most bike enthusiasts use sidewalks and side streets

I have to admit the roundabouts were a good idea, bike lanes not so much. Just stop it, please.

TJ Beagan

Golden Valley

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