To the Editor:

Mike Freiberg delivers! He is knowledgeable, approachable and responsive. I have followed his career since he represented me and other Golden Valley residents on the Golden Valley City Council. Mike was one of the first community leaders that I recall meeting after I moved to Golden Valley in 1986. Voters have trusted him to advance to the Minnesota Legislature where he currently represents District 45B and where he chairs the Minnesota House Government Operations Committee. These are especially critical roles as our community and state face the impacts of COVID-19. Mike’s background and knowledge of public health law is important as our state works to address policies related to the current public health threat. I have personally known Mike to champion the needs of local homeowners, people impacted by predatory lending practices and quality of life issues. He has worked closely with our school district on education-related matters in need of timely attention. Mike’s sensitivity to issues surrounding George Floyd’s death and the ensuing social justice concerns is important and necessary to community healing and change. Whether supporting his daughter in the local spelling bee competition or lending his musical talents to civic events, Mike is here for our community. Re-elect Representative Freiberg!

Helen Bassett

Golden Valley

Helen Bassett is vice-chair of the Robbinsdale Area Schools board.

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