To the Editor:

Attorney General Keith Ellison’s lawsuit against ExxonMobil, Koch Industries and the American Petroleum Institute for their decades of hiding climate science is a just effort to protect consumers and seek restitution for harm to the people of Minnesota. Fossil fuel companies ignored the climate crisis as they polluted and funded efforts to block action.

The idea that holding them accountable will harm consumers is absurd (“LETTER: Minnesota climate change lawsuit will only hurt consumers”). Climate change is already hurting our wallets through higher utility payments and insurance premiums, not to mention the billions in damage that worsening heat waves, floods and storms cause to our infrastructure, farmers and other industries.

Multi-billion dollar companies like Exxon have profited from fossil fuels and climate destruction while receiving billions in taxpayer subsidies. Holding them accountable (and transitioning to a clean energy future) will be a clear win for consumers.

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