To the Editor:

I was both bemused and amused by Pam Lindberg’s comment about how hate caused her to resign from the Robbinsdale School District School Board. I feel bad that Pam, the human, was subjected to rudeness and personal attacks.

While unbridled and sometimes irrational hate and vindictiveness are rampant these days in most any forum, it should be noted that the board members and the two previous superintendents fanned the flames of incivility by ignoring the district’s many financial and administrative flaws, making enemies of their detractors regardless of how legitimate their concerns were, ignoring or strangling communications with people with whom they didn’t agree, allowing the district administration to engage in irresponsible and wasteful spending and hiring practices, never admitting to mistakes (including celebrating a damning state auditor report because it didn’t find them guilty of criminal behavior), and otherwise squandering resources and community goodwill while the District’s quality of education has steadily declined.

It’s not easy being a public servant these days, whether you’re an elected volunteer or paid employee. The best defense against the frequently irrational rage that people have toward the government is to do the best job you can. Rather than be pleased with her resignation, I would respect Pam’s decision had she done the job she was supposed to do.

Kelly Guncheon


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