To the editor:

This opinion is in response to the opinion of Dean Phillips as printed in the Sun Post Sept. 23. Mr. Phillips makes the argument that campaign finance reform needs to be addressed in the U.S. Constitution.

But does it need to be addressed in the US Constitution? It does need addressing, with big lobbyists stuffing the pockets of the Congress, Senate, and President it is a major problem for everyday people like you and I. But by amending the Constitution, we are tying the hands of the states and giving more power to the federal government.

Amending the constitution would not be an effective way to regulate campaign finance law because companies and others already ignore the constitution. If laws meant anything, there would be no murder because murder is against the law.

The campaign finance reform laws we have now are being broken as to who can contribute and how much each contributor can give. And yet the politicians are getting around those rules. An amendment would result in nothing happening. If the greed for power and money doesn’t change what will a new amendment do?

Our Constitution guarantees the freedom of the people, and restricts the power of the government.

Freedom is in our ability to self-govern, and that starts in our local community and then to the state. Mr. Phillips’ amendment would effectively take power of self-governing away from us and give it to the federal government.

And since it is an election year, I want to challenge all my fellow American citizens to research their candidates’ voting record and make sure they are voting the way you want them to vote. Do not vote because of party affiliation. The party does not, or should not, dictate how you vote. Their voting record will tell where their interests lie.

Dale Kuklok

Brooklyn Park

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