To the Editor:

I am supporting Joanie Clausen because I believe she is the best choice for the Golden Valley City Council. Her experience from serving these past eight years is key. She is a seasoned councilwoman, not aligned with any political party. She believes in true non-partisan city council.

Having lived in Golden Valley most of her life, she carries the history and knowledge that the others do not. She is a dedicated public servant who absolutely loves Golden Valley and wants the best for Golden Valley – always.

Joanie is fiscally responsible. As a small businesswoman, she knows the importance on working within your budget. This was evident when she spoke up and wanted to scale down the proposal for a $40 million Brookview Community Center. Thanks to Joanie it became a reasonable $18.5 million.

Joanie has strong leadership abilities and as a councilwoman she is an advocate for all residents. She is very passionate and dedicated to any project that she gets involved with.

Joanie always steps up to help the community and has done so for years. Just a few of the projects that Joanie has been involved with are: Envision, Yellow Ribbon Campaign, Run the Valley, Human Service Foundation, PRIDE Festival, either since its conception or simply lending a hand to a neighborhood friend. You can always depend on Joanie.

Joanie and I served together for two years and I appreciate that Joanie will always research projects and topics for discussion at council meetings so that she comes to meetings well prepared. She also is not afraid to disagree with you and does so respectfully.

If you want a council member who always returns your call, who will listen to what you have to say, who seeks a common ground for a solution, is fiscally responsible, who is a team player and someone who will always follow through, then vote for Joanie to represent you on the city council.

DeDe Scanlon

Golden Valley

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