To the Editor:

Joanie Clausen is running for Golden Valley City Council and I am proudly supporting her re-election! In the 20-plus years I have known her, she has been a tireless, enthusiastic and active advocate for the city. You will find Joanie at all city events.

As a lifelong resident and small business owner, Joanie’s historical perspective and knowledge of Golden Valley gives her a unique understanding of where our city has come from and how to continue to move it forward in a positive direction.

One thing that continues to impress me about Joanie is that she always seeks input from people in the community before making decisions. She gives consideration to everyone’s voice, even if it differs from hers, and ultimately makes an informed, data-based decision that she thinks will best serve the city as a whole.

Joanie’s vision for Golden Valley as a safe, vibrant, inclusive community where all residents and businesses can thrive is a community that I want to live in. Improving infrastructure while maintaining the charm and character of a first-tier suburb; a multi-generational city that provides relevant and desired services for older residents and young professionals and families; a community with increased and improved green spaces, bike trails and pedestrian walkways; are just a glimpse of her commitment to our city.

I appreciate Joanie’s common sense approach to maintaining fiscal responsibility. She values a high standard of necessary services, like safety, snow removal and street maintenance, while protecting residents from unnecessary spending at the city level.

With Joanie’s collaborative leadership, thoughtful decision making and love of our city, Golden Valley will be in good hands as we move further into the 21st century.

Please join me in voting for and re-electing Joanie Clausen to the Golden City Council.

Barb Sherman

Golden Valley

Barb Sherman is the past chair of the Senate District 45 DFL.

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