To the Editor:

Twas’ somewhat of a hassle, frustration and fuss,

finding a place called “55-plus.”

We started our search, every option explored,

some were quite spendy; we quickly ignored.

Continued our search, mostly did it alone,

four to five years – we turned every stone.

Phone calls and visits, much thought and much prayer,

then finally we chose – a place called Lee Square.

Put house up for sale, made spotless and clean

amid the crisis of COVID-19.

We tried not to worry, be fearful, and panic,

buying and selling during a serious pandemic.

To neighbors we gave, leaf blower, snow blower,

some tools, no jewels, but yes – a lawn mower..

Donated to charity a lot of our stuff,

we had many things, much more than enough.

No raking, weed killing, no hot summer mowing,

no painting things, fixing things – bye bye to snow blowing.

We settled right in - me and my spouse,

no struggles and troubles maintaining a house.

It all came together, and it made good sense,

Lee Square in Robbinsdale - our new residence.

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