To the Editor:

Minnesota has truly stepped up its game in all stages of the COVID vaccination process. As a local hospital worker, ensuring both patients and staff are vaccinated is immensely important in protecting the health of our patients, and communities.

Throughout the pandemic, frontline workers like myself have been working night and day to minimize the effects of the coronavirus, as well as everyday illnesses. This work could not be completed without health care distributors working tirelessly to safely deliver every day medications, and now, the COVID vaccines.

Because of the work going on behind the scenes in the health care supply chain, including vaccine distribution, frontline workers are able to work more effectively knowing greater amounts of the vaccines are reaching more and more people every day.

The key to ending the COVID-19 pandemic is ensuring that people across the nation and world are receiving the vaccines, which distributors and frontline workers across the health care supply chain are working around the clock to accomplish.

It is important people feel safe when receiving their vaccine, and both health care distributors and administrators work to ensure that. I am grateful to have received both vaccine doses, and I rest assured knowing that all areas within the health care supply chain are working diligently to bring the pandemic to an end.

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