To the Editor:

As a previous candidate for Golden Valley City Council, I enthusiastically endorse Joanie Clausen. Throughout my years in Golden Valley, I was very active in the city and knew all the issues and everyone at City Hall.

We didn’t always agree on everything, but nobody can say Joanie neglected to represent every resident of the city during her previous time on the council.

She routinely showed up at resident’s homes to discuss situations and wanted to hear both sides of a conversation.

The current council seems too proactive at times before really looking at issues with a wide lens. I come from a police family in Chicago, and know first-hand what officers deal with on a daily basis.

I am also not ignorant to admit that police reform is needed, but it needs to be done in a way that is supportive of police officers while also looking for ways to improve how they do their job without stripping away their authority.

Joanie supports the police department and understands the rise in crime with today’s popular demand to defund and/or restrict officers from things like foot chases or pulling people over for minor offenses. George Floyd’s situation was irrefutably wrong and that officer was convicted. But don’t treat every police officer with the same suspicion or guilt, just as I don’t view Black citizens with suspicion simply based on the color of their skin.

Joanie Clausen realizes all of this and I don’t think the current council does. It’s a rush to judgment happening and when a pendulum swings too far in one direction without a balanced conversation, bad things happen. Crime has risen in Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs and Golden Valley has lost several officers over the past year due to lack of support at city hall. Police applications across the country are down to their lowest levels and that spells trouble for public safety.

All of this is unhealthy for Golden Valley’s future.

Vote for Joanie Clausen to get a balanced approach.

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