Supt. Carlton Jenkins

Carlton Jenkins

Carlton Jenkins, the superintendent of Robbinsdale Area Schools, has been announced as a finalist for a superintendent position at Madison Metropolitan School District in Wisconsin. He is one of two candidates being considered in the final selection process.

The other candidate is Carol Kelley, a fifth-year superintendent at Oak Park Elementary School District in Illinois.

A biography of the superintendent proffered by the Madison Metropolitan district reads: “Dr. Jenkins is currently in his fifth year as Superintendent of the Robbinsdale School District in New Hope, Minnesota which serves a diverse student population. He has held leadership positions in several states including Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan. In addition to two superintendencies, his educational leadership roles include; chief academic officer; principal; assistant principal; and physical education/health teacher. He received his PhD from the University of Wisconsin.”

The Madison Metropolitan district said officials plan to begin additional interviews with the two candidates the first week of July. Additionally, there will be engagement sessions with district staff and students, as part of a “Virtual Day in the District,” which will include an online opportunity to get to know each candidate, ask questions and provide feedback that will aid in the board’s final decision.

Carlton Jenkins

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