A COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Relief Fund has been established by the Golden Valley Community Foundation.

The fund will support community organizations responding to COVID-19 related needs in Golden Valley and surrounding neighboring communities.

This fund has been established to quickly provide charitable resources where they are needed most, with an initial focus on the basic needs of those most significantly impacted by this crisis. Because this is a challenging time for local nonprofits, as many do not have the staff to meet growing needs and raise funds, this initial focus for the COVID-19 Relief Fund will empower community members to help fill critical gaps with financial donations to ensure people are getting the services they need.

The COVID-19 Relief Fund is designed to help simplify a complex situation to answer the question “How Can I Help?” While donors are encouraged to continue their regular support of area nonprofits, this fund will simplify giving and allow funds to be directed where the need is the greatest.

Donors can contribute online at gvcfoundation.org and send checks payable to GVCF to GVCF PO BOX 27307, Golden Valley, MN 55427-0307.

At this time, grant monies will be provided to foundation nonprofit partners serving Golden Valley and neighbors. As more funds become available and especially in future phases, eligible organizations will be able to submit a brief online application form at gvcfoundation.org.

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