Crystal to resume in-person meetings

Mayor Jim Adams announced this week that Crystal governmental bodies will resume in-person meetings. Social distancing will be required and those attending will be encouraged to wear a mask. (SUN PHOTO BY RAYMOND T. RIVARD)

Since mid-March, the Crystal governmental bodies have been meeting virtually, but that is about to end.

Mayor Jim Adams, in a press statement, announced the City Council, the economic development authority, and commissions will begin meeting in-person and at City Hall effective Wednesday, July 1.

The transition back to City Hall meetings is now being completed. Since Gov. Tim Walz declared that local government meetings did not apply to the prohibition imposed on gatherings of more than 10 people, city officials decided it was time to complete the community’s business once again in person.

According to the statement, the mayor said that city staff has been “working to make changes to the city council’s chambers to accommodate social distancing and to adjust the technology so the images and voices of council members can be captured and broadcast from their new locations within the room.”

Because of social distancing requirements, the number of residents and visitors attending meetings will be reduced. Because of that fact, the meetings will continue to be provided electronically “while the emergency declaration remains in place.”

The city is encouraging those who attend to wear a mask.

The mayor also made it clear that should the virus spread worsen, it may be necessary to return to electronic meetings.

The rules on noticing a meeting, the need for a quorum and the conducting of business will apply as before.

Adams also said that the presiding officer of any meeting “may require the rotation of those in the meeting room as needed to allow those with business before the body to speak and to allow anyone else desiring to speak at the open forum, if there is one, or at a public hearing an opportunity to be heard. The presiding officer shall require anyone who fails to comply with the social distancing rules to leave the meeting room.”

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