Four years ago, we entered Cooper High School together and embarked on an incredible journey as a Hawk. These past four years, I have had the honor of seeing you grow into the young adults you have become. Each of your paths have been your own story, and now as you graduate you will determine how that story will continue. Each page of your future story is blank and you have the opportunity to be the only one to write what is going to be on that page.

As graduates of 2019, you have left a legacy at Cooper High School collectively as a class. While this journey has not always been easy, you persevered with being a HAWK and what that has meant in the classroom, on the stage, on the field, and on the courts. I am proud that you represented us well over the years.

This next phase of life you are now entering will be full of experiences beyond what you can imagine. I encourage you to be excited for those future hopes, dreams and experiences and to continually recreate yourself in the light of who you want to be. Your future does not occur by chance. It occurs by preparation. Don’t wait for your future to happen, make your future happen.

I am confident that Cooper has prepared you to take that next step, take risks, learn from mistakes and to keep moving forward.

My thoughts are with you, I will miss you and will always be proud to have been your principal AKA your Papa Hawk!

Frank Herman is the principal of Robbinsdale Cooper High School.

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