One man and two women were recently charged with kidnapping and assault, accused of beating and holding a man against his will in a Brooklyn Park home in December.

Jose Chapa-Aguilera, 23, of Lino Lakes, allegedly kidnapped and brutally assaulted a man Dec. 20 with the assistance of Michell Alvarado, 21, of Eagan, and Melanie Marcin-Sixtos, 22, of Crystal.

According to a the criminal complaint:

Alvarado, told a friend of hers that she had been kicked out of her house and needed a ride. Her friend, the victim in the incident, had previously lent her money for rent, and believed she was in debt due to a drug deal.

The victim gave Alvarado a ride, and she asked him to pick up another friend.

They then picked up Marcin-Sixtos before traveling to an address on the 6600 block of Ronald Place in Brooklyn Park.

After the victim was invited into the home, he was introduced to Chapa-Aguilera, also known as “Capo.”

Chapa-Aguilera accused the victim of being involved in a drug dispute and displayed multiple firearms, pointing one at the victim’s head.

Chapa-Aguilera then allegedly began to assault the victim after binding his arms behind his back. He kicked the victim, beat him with a metal pipe and burned him with knives heated on the kitchen stove.

This torture occurred continuously for approximately two hours.

Chapa-Aguilera then barricaded the victim overnight in a crawlspace beneath the house.

The next morning, Chapa-Aguilera and Marcin-Sixtos made threats against the victim and his son, then eventually left the house. The victim escaped while the house was empty and ran to a nearby house to ask for help.

Investigating police officers found blood in the crawl space and a large pole likely used to assault the victim.

Officers also found three pounds of methamphetamine in a safe, as well as cocaine in the home.

The victim was hospitalized after the assault, with wounds requiring stitches and blood transfusion. He sustained at least two broken ribs and his eye was swollen shut, and he was treated for numerous severe burn marks.

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