The New Hope City Council voted Sept. 23 to reduce the number of off-sale liquor licenses in the city from five to four. The decision is a result of the closing of its fifth license-holder, CobornsDelivers. Hy-Vee, New Hope Liquor, Viking Liquor and Winnetka Liquor have the remaining four licenses.

The council supported reducing the number of licenses in a previous work session. Though the city is now at capacity for the off-sale licenses it grants, it can consider increasing the number of licenses at any point in the future.

Off-sale liquor licenses apply to the sale of alcohol that is purchased in a retail location, but consumed off site. In New Hope, off-sale liquor licenses do not apply to brewery taproom or brewpub off-sale licenses.

Off-sale liquor license limits have been ongoing in the city for four years. The city council lowered the maximum in 2018 and 2015.

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