Commemorative buttons featuring a photo of the Andersons await guests at the chapel dedication ceremony Aug. 11.

The historic “little white church” on Golden Valley Road was nearly at capacity the evening of Aug. 11 for a very special event hosted by the Golden Valley Historical Society. The church, known as the oldest public building in Golden Valley, was formally dedicated with a new name for its chapel in honor of the longtime servitude of Mary and Don Anderson.

The couple has lived in Golden Valley for more than 60 years, and have been married just as long. Colloquially, the two are referred to as Mr. and Mrs. Golden Valley, for their exceptional involvement in city groups, organizations and initiatives throughout the decades.


Former mayor and “Mrs. Golden Valley” Mary Anderson speaks with current Mayor Shep Harris at the Don and Mary Anderson Chapel dedication ceremony Aug. 11.


“Mr. Golden Valley” Don Anderson shares a laugh at a dedication ceremony held in his and his wife’s honor Aug. 11 at the Golden Valley Historical Society headquarters.


A sign in front of “The Little White Church in the Valley,” also home to the Golden Valley Historical Society and museum, welcomes Don and Mary Anderson to a special name ceremony in their honor Aug. 11.

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