The natural gas mains on a 3-mile portion of Winnetka Avenue that spans Golden Valley, Crystal and New Hope will be replaced this summer. In its most inconvenient phases, CenterPoint Energy said two-way traffic will be maintained, but with a lane closure.

On behalf of CenterPoint Energy, an authorized contractor will begin working on new phases of the Winnetka Avenue Belt Line Project March 30. The project is expected to last into the fall on a 3-mile portion of Winnetka Avenue between 10th and 42nd avenues north. This includes parts of Golden Valley, New Hope and Crystal.

The work is part of the utility’s multi-year Metro Belt Line Project, which involves replacing more than 60 miles of large-diameter pipeline originally installed in the 1940s and 1950s.

Project timeline

A bulk of the project timeline will be dedicated to work from 23rd to 42nd avenues. From March 30 to early May, crews will replace the first of the project’s two pipe mains with modern materials on this stretch of road. Two-way traffic will be maintained, but with a lane closure.

By early May, project planners hope to begin connecting customer gas service lines to the new main. The work will last several weeks and may change depending on the status of the COVID-19 outbreak. As necessary, this work may include service line replacement and relocating gas meters from inside to outside the home.

A second pipe main is scheduled for installation beneath the east side of Winnetka from 10th to 42nd between June and late October. Crews will work on one to two blocks at a time, taking one to two weeks per block. Two-way traffic will be maintained, but with a lane closure. When that work is complete, affected boulevards, sidewalks and lawns will be restored.

This project is a continuation of the project, which began in 2012 and will continue until approximately 2022. The Belt Line system is a series of natural gas distribution mains along routes from Brooklyn Center to Bloomington and from Golden Valley to Minneapolis. For more information, call 612-321-5546 or email csv.constructionservices@centerpointenergy.com.

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