The Sun Post likes to know what makes its readers click. This year, it appears that the way to a reader’s attention is school controversy, of-the-moment public safety news, election results and restaurant openings.

Take a peek at our end-of-year website analytics, generated Dec. 23, to see what garnered the most pageviews at

1. “Armstrong principal reassigned for 2019-20 school year”

Synopsis: David Dahl, principal of Robbinsdale Armstrong High School, was unexpectedly reassigned from his role. According to a statement, the decision was made after Superintendent Carlton Jenkins “reflected on our Unified District Vision” and had “several conversations” with Dahl.

Published: March 4

Pageviews: 2,985

2. “Robbinsdale School Board orders investigation as result of closed session”

Synopsis: An investigation involving Robbinsdale School District personnel was ordered after the Board of Directors went into closed session.

Published: March 22

Pageviews: 2,977

3. “Burritos, carnitas, horchata, Oh my!”

Synopsis: New Hope welcomed new taco shop Arizona Taco Company in September, serving made-to-order fare by accomplished chef Ernie Mejia.

Published: Dec. 19

Pageviews: 2,105

4. “Norby named principal of Robbinsdale Armstrong High School”

Synopsis: Interim principal Erick Norby was offered the official title of Robbinsdale Armstrong High School Principal.

Published: Nov. 5

Pageviews: 1,997

5. “Harris wins mayor’s seat, two newcomers take Golden Valley Council seats”

Synopsis: A contested mayoral and council race resulted in the election of one incumbent mayor and two new council members.

Published: Nov. 5

Pageviews: 1,868

6. “New Hope police aid drug bust of 76K illegal THC cartridges in Coon Rapids”

Synopsis: A record amount of THC cartridges were confiscated at a Coon Rapids home. Officials met in New Hope to discuss the seizure, and what it meant for drug trafficking in the state of Minnesota.

Published: Sept. 24

Pageviews: 1,741

7. “Pig news for Robbinsdale: Brewpub gets the go-ahead”

Synopsis: Travail got its brewpub license from the Robbinsdale City Council, and teased details of the new look and location for restaurant Pig Ate My Pizza.

Published: Jan. 15

Pageviews: 1,701

8. “New Hope’s Duk Duk Daze to be replaced with one-day festival”

Synopsis: The City of New Hope and the New Hope Lions Club announced their departure from Duk Duk Daze, the long-running community festival. Details of the future of community festivals in New Hope were revealed.

Published: Nov. 20

Pageviews: 1,249

9. “The Lodge site to become Smokin’ Flame Saloon”

Synopsis: A restaurant was cleared for its appropriate licenses at a Robbinsdale City Council meeting. Owners gave a brief explanation of what the future restaurant would look like.

Published: June 10

Pageviews: 1,219

10. “Early afternoon New Hope fire damages two homes”

Synopsis: A fire consumed two homes on Ensign Avenue North in New Hope. The source of the fire was never discovered and caused severe damage to both homes. One of the properties was a group home for adults with disabilities.

Published: June 12

Pageviews: 1,086

11. “Crowd causes mass disturbance at North Memorial Hospital”

Synopsis: An estimated 50-75 visitors at North Memorial Health Hospital became unruly, fighting verbally and physically among each other. The disturbance caused a brief lockdown of the hospital.

Published: Nov. 21

Pageviews: 1,012

12. “Small fire at Cooper High School sends students home early”

Synopsis: An afternoon bathroom fire caused an evacuation of Robbinsdale Cooper High School.

Published: May 21

Pageviews: 951

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