Customers line up at Phil Lawrence’s mini doughnut trailer at the Brooklyn Park Fleet Farm, 8400 Lakeland Ave. N.

A short visit to the “Brooklyn Park, MN Bulletin Board” Facebook group presents a new phenomenon leaving cinnamon sugar-crusted fingerprints on phones across the city – the mini doughnut selfie, often posted from the Fleet Farm parking lot.

From pro-doughnut memes, selfies of children with doughnuts, doughnut bags in seatbelts to dog-doughnut bandits, the posts have dominated the page for days.

Phil Lawrence recently set up shop selling mini doughnuts out of his trailer in the Brooklyn Park Fleet Farm parking lot, 8400 Lakeland Ave. N. Business has been booming. His customers have posted photos with his doughnuts––and sometimes with Lawrence himself. Both the Brooklyn Park Police Department and Fire Department have since tossed their hats in the ring with photos of their own. He was featured in a KARE11 segment Dec. 4.

“I shook hands with a guy named John from Fleet Farm. We worked out a deal. I said I was going to be here in the parking lot. He said, ‘OK, I hope you do well,’’ Lawrence said. “Somebody from that Brooklyn Park website got a hold of it … from there, they created this.”

Since then, the photos and popularity of the trailer have spread organically.

“I’ve had a flip-phone all my life. I don’t even watch [Facebook]. I don’t do anything with Facebook. I don’t advertise when I got to a town … I’m just Phil Lawrence, a guy that knows how to make a bag of doughnuts,” he said.

“Brooklyn Park – you’ll never be able to put this into words, how much you have affected my life and my emotions, and my family,” Lawrence continued. “I make a hot, fresh bag of doughnuts. I fill it all the way to the top … you pay me $5, I’m going to give you as many doughnuts as I can give you, and I’m going to do them as hot and fresh as I can.”

Lawrence offers a bag of doughnuts for $5 or a bucket for $16.

Lawrence will be at Fleet Farm until Dec. 31. He has two trailers, one strictly for doughnuts, and another that serves a variety of fair foods.

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