Both Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park have policies that allow for police departments to ticket and tow vehicles parked on the street during snow events or snow emergencies.

Despite a relatively warm and fairly snowless holiday season, Old Man Winter will continue to keep his icy, damp grip your local highways, byways, streets and avenues as the season pushes ahead. With that fact in mind, do remember, your city has rules for street parking during snow events.

Brooklyn Park

Brooklyn Park’s snow emergency gives the city the authority to declare a snow emergency parking ban when snow, sleet, ice or snow drifts have created dangerous road conditions. When a snow emergency event is called, vehicles may not park on city streets and the street has been plowed curb to curb.

Vehicles left on the street in violation of the ordinances can be ticketed and towed to an impound lot at owner expense.

Regardless of snow conditions, vehicles cannot be parked on streets between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. from Oct. 15 to April 15. Vehicles cannot be parked on streets for more than 24 hours and cannot be parked on a sidewalk, within 20 feet of a mailbox Monday through Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., within 10 feet of a fire hydrant, within 30 feet of a stop sign, in front of a driveway, or across the street from a driveway.

Brooklyn Park has several options to be notified about snow emergencies. Emergencies are announced on the city’s website, at brooklynpark.org, on the city’s Facebook page, through email and through local TV and radio networks.

Brooklyn Center

Brooklyn Center has a similar snow event policy to Brooklyn Park. Snow events are declared in the city when there has been a snowfall of more than 2.5 inches, or if other road conditions warrant plowing.

No street parking is allowed between 2-6 a.m.

The following message is sent to residents when a snow event is declared: “The City of Brooklyn Center has declared a snow event of 2 ½ inches or more. Parking restrictions will take effect beginning at (time) on (month, day, year). No on-street parking until the roads are plowed curb to curb. Vehicles not removed are subject to issuance of a citation as well as towing to allow for snow plowing. Stay connected by signing up for alerts at cityofbrooklyncenter.org/notifyme.”

Sidewalk clearing occurs when there has been a snowfall of one inch or more, with the goal of clearing all sidewalks within eight hours of a snowfall.

The city divides its streets into 10 districts, with plows assigned to each district. So-called arterial streets are plowed first, followed by residential streets.

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