Last month at the grocery store, Coon Rapids resident Amanda Finnestad found herself in a pickle.

She was in the checkout line at Cub Foods when she realized she didn’t have her debit card with her and was unable to purchase dinner for her family.

That’s where “Peter from the school district” came in, Finnestad wrote in a Facebook post on a community page. The man was later identified as Peter Bergeron, the buildings and grounds supervisor at Evergreen Park World Cultures Community School in Brooklyn Center.

Bergeron paid for Finnestad’s groceries and identified himself to her as Peter and said he works in the school district.

She asked for his information to repay him, Finnestad wrote, but Bergeron declined, telling her she should tell her husband to take her out to dinner.

Bergeron said buying groceries for others is “nothing new.”

“As my wife Sharon would say, ‘It’s just Peter being Peter,’” Bergeron said.

Not knowing his last name, but wanting to show his impact, Finnestad posted on the community Facebook page in hopes of finding him so she could thank him and acknowledge his kindness.

“People see hope in a post like this, that there really are great people in our community,” Finnestad told ABC Newspapers.

Her post included details of the gesture, as well as her gratitude for Bergeron.

“I am so thankful for this nice gentleman and his very gracious act of kindness,” Finnestad wrote.

The post received many comments applauding Bergeron’s kind actions. Commenters left words of approval and support for Bergeron, and many said they hoped Finnestad would find him to thank him again.

Bergeron said he’s flattered by the praise.

“I’m just grateful for the kind things everything has said,” Bergeron said.

Within a few hours of posting, Bergeron’s wife Sharon saw the story and reached out, Finnestad said.

Finnestad set up a GoFundMe page for Bergeron’s efforts to pay the kind deed forward, she said. She will donate the funds to Evergreen Park where Bergeron works.

“My goal is to see the GoFundMe number rise,” Bergeron said. “Every little bit helps.”

The GoFundMe can be found here: bit.Ly/2kYVJkO.

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