Having to play a team back-to-back is tough. Amplify that by that team being the No. 1 team in the state, a physical, defensive-pressure team that disrupts plays, offenses, etc. through immense pressure, and you’ve got a tough task.

“Chaska was more physical in most aspects of the game, which lead to a lack of offensive flow, rushed/missed shots both at the rim and three,” said coach Dusty Neibauer. “Our defensive plan was to switch up our defenses and try to slow that end down for them, as they are a team with a ton of set plays that lead to mismatches and quick switches. We were on pace to hold them to a respectable amount in the first half, but a couple of quick buckets toward the end of the half got them to 31, while we only had 12. It’s a tough thing to run plays, try to operate against that kind of pressure, which is why they are so tough to compete against.”

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