The Waconia cross country team traveled to Litchfield Oct. 3 and had a stellar performance.

“Freaky fast day for the Waconia [cross country] team,” coach Christian Gilbert said. “An endless list of PR’s (Personal Records) throughout the entire team.”

Addy Kaeding and Kate Ulrich both entered the record book with their sub-20 minute times.

“All Time [cross country] record board needs to be updated,” Gilbert said. “Huge high fives to Addy Kaeding (No. 2 All Time, 19:09.6) [and] Kate Ulrich (No. 3 All Time 19:25.2).”

Kaeding’s time of 19.09.6 is now the second fastest time for the Waconia girls program and Ulrich’s 19:25.2 is the third best in program history. The duo finished 13th and 16th as the girls placed fifth out of 20 teams. Following the record breaking tandem was a pack of Wildcats crossing the finish line - Aubrey Mair (20:25.9, 36), Emily Gustafson (20:36.9, 41), Sophia Beix (20:37.2, 42), Mallory Vacek (20:37.3, 43) and Isabella Wozniak (20:37.3, 44).

The boys also finished fifth at Litchfield – Ryne Anderson (17:23.8, 31), Carson Roehl (17:29.4, 36), Mason Behrens (17:30.9, 38), Max Shanklin (17:40.7, 40), Tyler Frisinger (17:52.5, 49), Mark Rud (17:56.8, 53) and Clayton Marrs (17:59.2, 56).

The Waconia girls junior varsity team won the event and had five athletes earning ribbons – Jamie Sorenson (20:50.5, 3), Maya Lindstrom (20:50.6, 4), Carrigan Mair (20:53.1, 6), Isabella Greer (21:40.5, 15), Sarah Winkels (21:46.1, 17) and Annabelle Herold (21:51.4, 18).

The stellar showing sends Waconia into the final few meets of the season on a high note. The Wildcats travel to Mankato Oct. 8, then compete in the conference meet at Baker National Golf Course Oct. 15 before the regular season finale at Basset’s Creek Park Oct. 21. Then comes the section meet at Gale Woods Farm (Minnetrista) Oct. 24.

“The entire squad is looking forward to championship season,” Gilbert said.

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