The Watertown-Mayer track and field team traveled to New London-Spicer April 20 and the girls closed the gap on one of the conference favorites in Annandale, finishing just a few points behind the Cardinals.

Maggie Czinano gave the girls a boost with a pair of first-place finishes, winning the 200 meter dash with a time of 28.89 seconds and the discus with a throw of 80 feet, 9 inches, edging out Mallory Czinano, who placed third (69-11) and second in the shot put (29-11).

Alaina Thonn crossed the finish line fractions of a second before teammate Ashley Olson in the 400 meter dash, with the Royal duo taking first and second with times of 1:08.14 and 1:08.85.

Anja Gilbert had a busy afternoon by taking third in both the 100 and 300 meter hurdles with times of 18.42 and 54.32. Gilbert was also second in the triple jump (33-5.5), with Maggie McCabe in third (28-7.75) and Isabella Knoell in fourth (27-6), and Gilbert was third in the long jump (14-9.5), just behind Olson (15.2.25).

For the boys, TayVaire Davis won the long jump by clearing 18-11 and took second in the 100 (12.69). John Mueller took second in the shot put (39-10) and Tucker Ritter was second in the 800 (2:16.45).

Girls results

100 meter dash

14.60 Ava Danielson 4th

14.84 Maggie Mccabe 6th

15.41 Kira Frisbie 8th

16.29 Jenna Bauer 17th

17.47 Jadyn Aldrich 23rd

18.27 Hope Berscheit 27th

200 meter dash

28.89 Maggie Czinano 1st

30.98 Alaina Thonn 7th

31.55 Paige Thibault 10th

32.85 Ava Huen 18th

400 meter dash

1:08.14 Alaina Thonn 1st

1:08.85 Ashley Olson 2nd

1:19.15 Ava Rousseau 10th

1:23.62 Kendyl Olson 12th

800 meter run

2:52.08 Ashley Olson 4th

3:11.69 Isabella Knoell 11th

3:20.81 Jadyn Aldrich 12th

1600 meter run

6:44.32 Maddy Hartshorn 7th

7:10.66 Ava Rousseau 12th

100 meter hurdles

18.42 Anja Gilbert 3rd

24.94 Ava Rousseau 10th

28.86 Charlotte Becker 11th

300 meter hurdles

54.32 Anja Gilbert 3rd

4x100 meter relay

1:00.83 Kira Frisbie, Ava Heun, Hope Berscheit, Ava Danielson 4th

Long jump

15-2.25 Ashley Olson 2nd

14-9.5 Anja Gilbert 3rd

14-1.25 Ava Danielson 5th

14-1 Paige Thibault 6th

13-7 Maggie Mccabe 7th

13-5.5 Maggie Czinano 8th

12-0 Ava Huen 12th

10-11.5 Isabella Knoell 14th

10-5 Charlotte Becker 15th

10-3 Kendyl Olson 17th

9-9 Hope Berscheit 18th

9-2.75 Jadyn Aldrich 19th

8-9.5 Ava Rousseau 20th

Triple jump

33-5.5 Anja Gilbert 2nd

28-7.75 Maggie Mccabe 3rd

27-6 Isabella Knoell 4th

26-3.25 Ava Huen 6th

22-11.75 Kendyl Olson 10th

22-10.5 Jadyn Aldrich 11th


80-9 Maggie Czinano 1st

69-11 Mallory Czinano 3rd

61-11 Julia Quast 9th

40-4 Hailey Schrader 18th

Shot put

29-11 Mallory Czinano 2nd

23-11 Jenna Bauer 6th

23-9 Paige Thibault 8th

18-7 Hailey Schrader 18th

Boys results

100 meter dash

12.69 Tayvaire Davis 2nd

13.07 Cole Lange 6th

14.39 Jack Jewison 24th

15.26 Trent Steuernagel 26th

400 meter dash

1:07.25 Jaden Palmer 16th

800 meter run

2:16.45 Tucker Ritter 2nd

2:37.21 Caleb Barnhart 6th

2:40.97 Jaden Palmer 7th

1600 meter run

5:47.70 Caleb Barnhart 7th

4x100 relay

50.45 Jack Jewison, Cole Lange, Tucker Ritter, TayVaire Davis 4th

Long jump

18-11 Tayvaire Davis 1st

15-11 Tucker Ritter 5th

15-1.5 Cole Lange 7th

13-11 Caleb Barnhart 10th

13-4 Jack Jewison 11th

Triple jump

33-11 Cole Lange 4th


85-6 John Mueller 7th

78-6 Andrew Quast 14th

76-7 Trent Steuernagel 17th

66-11 Jason Fenske 19th

Shot put

39-10 John Mueller 2nd

30-11 Jason Fenske 15th

30-2 Andrew Quast 18th

27-1 Trent Steuernagel 23rd

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