The Central football team kept Maple River off the scoreboard for almost the entire first quarter, but once the Eagles scored with 24 seconds left, they started a steady pace of scoring that would give Maple River a 50-0 win.

Noah Strickfaden and Hunter Neubarth were able to connect three times for 55 yards in the pass game, but the Raiders could not generate much offense outside of that.

Daniel Padilla led the defense with 5.5 tackles and was followed by Jacob Kalkes (4.0), Bennet Molva (4.0), Ben Hoernemann (4.0), Hunter Neubarth (3.5), Aiden Wachholz (3.5), Samual Pauly (2.5), Nathan Panning (2.5), Tanner Neubarth (2.5), Grant Erickson (2.0), (1.5), Hunter DeLoach (1.5), Josiah Schabel (1.0), Austin Dent (1.0), Michael Machenthun (1.0), Zachary Wichenhauser (1.0), Lucas Urness (0.5) and Anthony Simons (0.5).

Panning had a sack, while Wachholz and Erickson combined for another. Hunter Neubarth had a tackle for loss and an interception.

The Raiders move to a 3-2 record and host Tri-City United Friday, Oct. 8.

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