As I begin my term representing Ward 2 on the Waconia City Council I would like to take this opportunity to share the philosophy I intend to implement when it comes to casting votes and taking action on your behalf. I would also like to invite you to offer feedback on any and all city issues that are important to you.

During my 20 years as a government teacher and throughout my campaign, I insisted government works best when citizens are informed and involved. I will do my best to keep you informed via posts on social media (my Facebook and Twitter accounts are both @pierson4council) and by actively engaging with interested residents that have signed up for the periodic emails I send to our “neighborhood ambassadors”.

By making myself and the relevant information accessible, my hope is that more of our residents will feel comfortable sharing their views and getting involved. Ideally, interested residents will be empowered to express their opinions in a proactive manner, prior to the council casting a vote. That is certainly preferable to a five person panel making a decision only to have the community express their angst after the action has already been executed.

In terms of my philosophy, there are two things that I will consider before every vote I cast. The first is the direct feedback I receive from residents. The desire expressed by a majority of my constituents will always be elevated above my personal views on an issue. I ran to represent you, not to push a personal agenda. The other factor I will weigh (when there is not a clear majority among our residents) is what is in the best interest of the community.

In my government class I have always emphasized the importance of demonstrating respect for differing views and opinions. One of the ways we can begin the process of healing the deep division that has become so pervasive in our politics is by changing the way we talk to each other. Even when we disagree on an issue, you can expect that I will always listen and treat you with respect.

I appreciate the trust Waconia’s residents have placed in me and I am excited and honored to serve you. If you would like to receive occasional emails asking for your feedback on important issues facing our community, please send me a note at and I will add you to our growing list of “neighborhood ambassadors”. Finally, please contact me any time with your questions, comments, or suggestions. I look forward to working for and with you to keep Waconia the wonderful community we have all come to love.

Carl Pierson represents Waconia Ward 2 on the Waconia City Council

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