To the editor,

I feel it is important to respond to an earlier editorial letter regarding the Black Lives Matter org. and the belief it does not belong in Waconia. It not only belongs in Waconia; it is a necessity that we immerse our small community into what’s going on beyond our town, and blindly in our own. Black Lives Matter is not a terrorist group, it is not anti-law enforcement, it is not anti-faith and it is not violent. Whomever is acting in violence is unfortunately misrepresenting the movement and is not part of the organization.

Please educate, and dive into what the Black Lives Matter organization is about and who founded the idea. These are highly educated, well regarded individuals who want to cast a light on the systemic racism and inequality that has plagued their community for hundreds of years. This organization continues to stand with all different areas of inequality because they understand the tragic effect discrimination can have on someone’s life.

So, as a small community with not much diversity, it is important we teach empathy and understanding, and that includes accepting Black Lives Matter and their mission. You will be better for it, I promise.

Meg Menssen-Stallings


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