To the editor,

If you have ever attended a political meeting, you find they often begin with reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. For many of us this is just a matter of repeating from memory without much thought to the words, but we should think about the beginning. It starts “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands”. Notice we are `pledging allegiance to the Flag and the Nation, we are not pledging allegiance to a political party or an individual. Political parties serve an important purpose in our democracy providing an opportunity for citizens with similar views to work together to promote those ideas and elect people that will support their beliefs. In a democracy, they should not have the goal of taking power through any means.

We recently completed a national election, an election where the incumbent president lost. The loser has challenged the validity of that election, and he certainly has that right. As a result, the veracity of the election has been investigated in many states, but no evidence of significant fraud, miscounts or errors have been found. We have long reached the point when we have to accept the results as fair and valid. Continuing the attacks on the election results, have become an attack on our Democracy , Our Flag, and to the Republic which it stands.

Last year Belarus also held and election for president, but the big difference is that the incumbent controlled the election apparatus and ended up declaring himself the winner for the sixth time, and with international monitors declaring the last five elections to be neither free nor fair. Fortunately, we are not Belarus, but that may not remain true if we allow our free and fair elections to be attacked without proof.

If you are a member of a political party, that does not support allegiance to the flag and Republic then you have a responsibility to work to change that party or for you change party.

Jim Weygand


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